Southern Maine's Fastest Clay Oval

RACE # 11
OCT 28th @ 7:15 PM




Race # 11 Postponed

We have decided to postpone tonight's 10/21/2016 event. The make up date for "big trophy night"will be Friday October 28. The "season finale" will be two days later on Sunday October 30.
Race #11 Sponsors

Sneak peak of the trophies for round 11, Friday October 21. Let's make sure we put on a great show for all 5 sponsors that stepped up to make this happen.

Ladies- Barth Bros Racing
JR Cage- Howard Trucking
Sr Cage- Maine Indoor Karting
Flatheads- Morrell Excavation
Over Head Valve- Littlefield Excavation

Schedule Update

We will go with the original plan of 2 more races rather than double features. Next race will be Friday night October 21st. The following weekend will be the Season Finale (most likely Sunday October 30th).
BBR Twin 25's Ladies Feature 1 
Feature 1 of the Ladies division at Bartlett Bridge Raceway was a 3 way battle from start to finish.
Nicole Benincasa would work her way up from the back, Dianna Austin would go from first to last, back up towards the front, and Amanda Morell would do the same. Plenty of passes were made as the race would unfold.

Race # 10 Victory Lane, October 7th

A big thank you goes out to Chris Dow from Napa Auto Parts for your sponsorship for race #10. It was a pleasure meeting you and appreciate you spending your night with us presenting our top three with really nice trophies. I hope you enjoyed your first dirt track kart racing experience. Congratulations to the top 3 of all 5 divisions.

Ladies.Nicole Benincasa, Dianna Austin, Sarah field

JR cage.Raymond Bell, James Downs, Cruise Labrie

SR cage.Randy Jr Cole, Spencer Barth, Nick Moulton

Flatheads.Erwin Carey, Charles Austin, Jared Madore

OHV.Jordan Dube, Spencer Barth, Kenneth Morrell

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Napa Auto Parts Headline Sponsor For Race #10

Come check out the racing this Friday night October 7th. Napa Auto Parts sponsors race #10 with some nice trophies for all 5 divisions. A lot of Championship point battles are still on the line and the kart counts have been excellent!!!

2 To Go Show Twin 25 Victory Lane

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We would like to thank Scottie and Jenn Frazier for headline sponsoring the fourth annual "two to go show" twin 25. Also a big thank you to Mainely Motorsports, Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, HA- Stone&Sons, Charm 3 Creative Solution and Eleveight Design for helping reach our guaranteed payout. With $875 on the line 46 Karts entered to try their luck at bringing home some cash.

Amanda Morrell dominated both 25 lap features to claim the overall winner for the ladies division. Deanna Austin finished second with Nicole Benincasa taking third.

Trevor Krouse and Cruise Labrie picked up Junior cage wins, Cruise would pick up the overall win by winning the second feature which was the tie breaker. Krouse finish second and Raymond Bell third.

The Senior cage division was all Spencer Barth as he won both features. Nathan Barth took home second and Blake Barry finished third.

The Flathead division winner is Erwin Carey after taking home both feature wins. Finishing second was Shawn Phillips followed by Jared Madore in third.

The overhead valve features were won by Bobby Timmons and Spencer Barth. Bobby Timmons was the overall winner followed by Spencer Barth and Jordan dube in third.

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4th Annual Twin 25

What are YOU doing Friday night??? Come watch these drivers battle it out for $875.00!
Just a few days away. If you have not checked out Bartlett Bridge Raceway yet, the 4th Annual Twin 25 is a must watch. This years event raised $875 to be evenly awarded through all 5 classes. Thank you to Scottie Frazier the "2 To Go Show", Charm3 Creative Solutions. Mainely Motorsports TV, HA Stone & Sons and Beech Ridge Motor Speedway for your Support. It's sure to be a great night of racing. The forecast is good and there is money on the line, so make sure to come down!!