Southern Maine's Fastest Clay Oval

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Bartlett Bridge Raceway
Dirt Track Maine

2019 Race Dates

​May 17
May 31
June 14
June 28
July 12
July 19
August 2
August 9
August 23
September 6
September 20
October 4
Mylaps X2 Transponder Kart
The more you know, the faster you go - and that is exactly why we bring you the X2 Transponder for kart racing. X2 will guide you to faster laps, as it offers insights into your performance. You can see, analyze and share your training and race results through your personal MYLAPS account.​

-All Racers will be required to buy or rent a MYLAPS
X2 Kart Transponder.

-If you already own one, remember they need to be activated every year.

2018 Awards Ceremony

Saturday night December 8th Bartlett Bridge Raceway will hold its 2018 awards ceremony at Jimmy The Greeks in Old Orchard from 5-8 pm. We will celebrate the top 5 from all 7 divisions. Thank you to all the racers, crews, spectators and sponsors for making this a record breaking year!!!

Don't Forget Your 2018 Driver Forms

Our 2018 driver forms have been updated. Everyone one that plans to race or practice will need to fill out a waiver. If you are under the age of 18 you will also need the Minor Release form filled out.

Click here for the two forms. 
Minor Release

Update and Register Your Transponders

Dont forget to update and register your transponders for this season. If you do not already have one contact Mylaps to get one. You will need to update and activate it by using a program on your computer. If you do not know how to do this Mylaps will walk you through it. 

Mylaps website-

Mylaps contact # 1 (678) 816-4000

Your 2018 class structure is finished!!!

Read carefully as several class names have been changed to align with future plans. Although the names have changed the actual specs and age has not. Everything that was available in 2017 is still available now.

*** cage classes are now treaded tires only. Burris or Hoosier only. No Modifications to original tread design. No sipes. You can grind to expose fresh block edges.

*** we will not combine Flathead and OHV flat kart classes unless entry #’s are to low. If we do, class points will be kept separated.

2018 caged kart classes, rocker or champ

2018 flat kart classes

-Box stock
Age 5-9 caged
WKA Flathead purple plate.
315 lb

-JR Sportsman
Age 8-13 caged
WKA Flathead Blue plate.
335 Lb

Age 10-17 caged
LO206 with yellow slide

- SR Sportsman
Age 12 and up caged
WKA Flathead 375 lb
WKA Animal Black plate 390 lb
LO206 #390 lb

​​-Pro Stock (Four Season Synthetic, Amsoil)
Age 14 and up flat kart
375 lb
Treaded tire

Age 14 and up flat kart
Flathead stock appearing
375 lb

Age 14 and up flat kart
Animal/Clone stock appearing
375 lb